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  1. Normal Dyno figures?

    It might be worth investing in an electronic boost controller. Features like adjustable gain will allow you to prevent that high RPM boost drop off. But perhaps you should run the car on the dyno again with the new turbo first.
  2. Normal Dyno figures?

    Firstly, all dyno's are calibrated differently, so it's possible this is a low reading dyno. Looking at your boost curve, it tails away quite considerably towards the top end. Despite your peak boost pressure being 14psi, it drops down to about 11.5psi by redline. What are you using for boost control? I believe the stock BOV is prone to leaking pressure once boost is raised too.
  3. King Springs Front & Rear Set- $200 Genuine part #KDFL-60SL/#KDRL-61. Approximately 30mm lower than stock. Manufactured from high grade steel. 30% lighter than conventional coils. Reduced roll & lower centre of gravity. Improves both handling & aesthetics. Most affordable way to lower your car. RRP normally over $300 plus postage. Brand new condition, never used. Description from King Springs: "King Springs Lowered Springs are the best choice for optimising your vehicle's handling by lowering its ride height. Engineered from the finest steel, King Springs Lowered Springs will lower your vehicle's stance without a massive compromise on comfort. If performance or a slightly enhanced, sporty aesthetic is required for your vehicle, King Springs lowered springs are the best choice for you. Lowered springs will provide a sizeable upgrade in steering and handling, with the trade off of a mild compromise in suspension travel and ride comfort. This makes them perfect for performance, prestige and modified cars that want to look and perform their best on both the road and the track." To suit the following Nissan's: -S13 Silvia/180SX (front only) -S14 Silvia/200SX -S15 Silvia/200SX Local pick up from 2486 or I can post at buyers expense.
  4. Random Parts and Wheels.

    PM sent.
  5. Please DELETE

  6. Before buying my car in Brisbane, I had the owner take it to Mercury Motorsport. They are a reputable workshop with plenty of s-chassis experience. I had my vehicle fully inspected & the engine compression tested there. If the owner is reluctant to take it somewhere for you, that might be your first clue as to it's condition...
  7. Please DELETE

    Nismo 740cc Injectors
  8. I have an Apexi AVCR electronic boost controller, Tomei dump pipe & brand new set of genuine Nismo 740cc injectors for sale. PM me for prices if you're interested.