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  1. Trolley Jack Lift Pad

    Thanks for the link ! I hadn't seen this before ! Having a bit of a look at their website, I feel as though mine in much better value (even before international shipping and currency conversion) as well as being local. Theirs also seems to have reports of breaking as datsun180 mentioned :/ Appreciate the support mate ! How are you liking yours ?
  2. Trolley Jack Lift Pad

    Great to hear ! Pre-orders will be shipping out Friday (16/12/16) at the latest ! Let me know what you think Considering how dead NS is atm, I'm ok with this. Post a URL, and you might wish to consider changing your username to suit the new business name. I didn't notice your name change comment, hence I went to your old URL. Thanks mate, I really appreciate that, I shall do it now. If anyone is keen to take a look my website is as follows, www.guerrillaautomotiveinnovation.com.au
  3. Trolley Jack Lift Pad

    That's awesome man ! I will be sending it off tomorrow. Let me know what you think !
  4. Trolley Jack Lift Pad

    Thanks for the heads up mate. I'm not using that domain or provider anymore, I musn't have disconnected the two when I cancelled. I have a new name and website now, I wasn't sure if, now that I actually have a thing to sell if I would be breaking the rules by putting a website link up. If that's allowed I would love to. I mentioned about the new name in my other post but must have gotten lost in there
  5. Trolley Jack Lift Pad

    Great to hear mate !
  6. Trolley Jack Lift Pad

    Oh my ! Nice find, thanks for that ! I shall change that ASAP ! What did you think price wise ? Competitive ?
  7. Trolley Jack Lift Pad

    Hi Everyone ! These bad boys are now completed and ready to go ! Thanks for all your suggestions, they really helped ! Sorry it took me so long ! As you can see in the photos I've done away with the slots to err on the side of caution in terms of safety. If you any thoughts let me know ! If your interested shoot me a message. I don't think I can post prices and links etc on here without breaking the rules (If an admin happens to see this and I can post that stuff please let me know ! ) I've also changed the business name too Guerrilla Automotive Innovation. Michael
  8. Trolley Jack Lift Pad

    Thanks for the reply davlos, you raise a very important point ! Obviously the intent is to provide a product that will not come loose or split etc. However in the case that something unfortunate did happen proper precautions when jacking a car will safegaurd the user. Information will be provided with the product on these precautions. I hope we all know that when operating a trolley jack the user must not be under the car in any way until jack stands are in place. By following this simple rule even if a very unlikely accident happens there will be no danger to the user. What are your thoughts on the product on general ?
  9. Trolley Jack Lift Pad

    Thanks for the input S15 sxytime, that is definitely a hurdle which will need to be dealt with, only time will tell. Your absolutely right, it wont fit all popular jacks, however it will fit many and the compatibility slots increase the number that it will fit. What are your thoughts on the product itself ?
  10. Trolley Jack Lift Pad

    UPDATE ! The trolley jack pad has been redesigned, in addition to the obvious shape and size tweaks it now has patent pending compatibility slots in the bottom which allow it to be used with the budget friendly small dish trolley jack I'm sure most of us begin our wrenching career with. Thoughts ? Comments ? I am currently waiting on a sample of the new and improved pad, I will be back with more updates as they come to me.
  11. Trolley Jack Lift Pad

    Great to hear stockblues15 ! Rest assured it will be strong and wont be splitting, polyurethane is the perfect material to solve the splitting problem. Have you ever used those coloured single use earplugs ? Well they are polyurethane, you can squish them until the cows come how but they do not break and always return to their original shape. The same applies to this jack pad, the tricky part however getting the hardness and quality at the perfect level for the weight of a car. It needs to be hard enough so it doesn't compress like an earplug plug but soft enough so it conforms to the cars pinch weld shape and evenly distributes load ! This is the fine tuning which is being done as we speak !
  12. Trolley Jack Lift Pad

    An excellent idea, thank you very much for the feedback and encouragement ! Much appreciated I like your thinking ! Thanks for the feedback ! A very good point ! One option which improves this problem slightly is to hold the pad in place and then move that jack in underneath but like you say, a valid issue for many people who don't have access to a low profile jack (myself included).
  13. Trolley Jack Lift Pad

    Hi Everyone I am in the process of manufacturing a universal trolley jack pad, intended to save pinch welds from bending and wear when using a trolley jack from the side lifting point. A picture of a current sample has been included below, the final product will be very similar to this. It is to be made from polyurethane perhaps with small amount of rubber in the mix for various reasons, the exact chemical composition is still being decided. It will come with a warranty of which the details are not yet decided upon. I am hoping to enlist to help of you guys to check the compatibility on as many makes and models as possible, I am also wanting to gauge potential interest in the product. The pinch weld slot is 10mm wide and 25mm deep for compatibility reference I am also hoping to get some insight into price, ie how much would it be worth to you ?? Any feedback would be much appreciated. - Michael